10399444_10100827063669939_3711933962187998219_n.jpgKaya Burgess is a News Reporter and Religious Affairs Correspondent at The Times of London.

He has been named Young Campaigning Journalist of the Year for the ‘Cities Fit for Cycling’ campaign at the MHP Awards, commended for the Paul Foot Award, and nominated at the Press Awards and British Journalism Awards.

At The Times, Kaya has also been Deputy Diary Editor, writing the satirical TMS column, and has worked on the Time to Mind child mental health campaign. He has covered the Media patch, written for the Times2 features section, and been a writer and Commissioning Editor for the Eureka science supplement and iPad app.

He has written for the News, Foreign, Features, Arts, Business, Property, Sport, Science, Education and Technology sections of the paper.

Kaya speaks fluent French and Spanish and has reported from France, Russia, Switzerland, Greece, Denmark, Malawi and Kenya on various assignments. He has also undertaken Hostile Environment Training to B-Tech level.

He is also to be found performing in London folk clubs, filming and editing video packages, pointing telescopes at starry skies, and kicking footballs as captain of the (slightly erratic) Times football team.

Kaya is a former Parisian and Sevillian, member of the French Foreign Legion (for a week) and qualified gravedigger (seriously).

Please email: kaya[dot]burgess[at]thetimes.co.uk

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